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Wooden Dowel

Wood is one of the easiest raw materials to acquire, and not to mention the best material that can turn an ordinary house into a lovely residence.


It can be used in a variety of ways, like infrastructure construction, furniture manufacture, and production of various toys and household fixtures.


And since working with wood is relatively easy compared to the other materials out there, many people like to use it.


You can make your woodworking experience even quicker and easier if you try using wooden dowels.


A wooden dowel is a solid cylindrical rod that is made of wood. Almost all kinds of wood can be used to create a wooden dowel. The most common kinds of wood that are used are Birch, Beech, Lotus, Cedar, Aspen, Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Mahogany, and other types of hardwood. Of course, wood dowels are not limited to just those kinds of wood. 


The wood dowel is used to keep your woodworking tasks easier and more accurate. In the original manufactured form, the dowel is called a wood dowel rod. When it is cut into short lengths, it then becomes known as a wooden dowel pin.  


Depending on your project, you can always ask your local woodworking shop to resize your dowels. Most of the time, the wooden dowel is used to provide structural support for cabinet making. It also provides shelf support in furniture. Other uses of the wood dowel, rod or pin, include forming axles in toys, as knitting needles, and pegs to hang key rings on. 


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Wood Dowel Rods and Pins – Buying Considerations


Buying wooden dowels is pretty easy.   

  • First, you must know what kind of wood you are using for your project. As discussed in a preceding paragraph, the wooden dowel can be fashioned from different kinds of wood. You can purchase finely sanded wood dowel rods and pins to give that perfect fit. 
  • Second, you have to determine the correct size of the wooden dowel pin or rod. Because you count on the dowel to provide some form of structural support, it is important that the dowel fits into a dowel joint perfectly. A dowel joint is a hole created in two objects and the dowel is inserted into the aligned holes. If you ever need to have your wood dowels customized, you can contact the manufacturer regarding the specifics. 

Woodworking is a great business and a fun hobby for a person to have. Wood is so easy to come by these days. It is also an easy material to work with. If you know how to work with wood properly, you will be rewarded with beautiful pieces. 

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However, you can only do so much for your wooden pieces. Without the proper equipment and tools, things can fall to pieces.Accuracy is important in woodworking. Wood dowels can help bring that characteristic to the table, so to speak.


Wood dowel pins and rods will not only make the wood pieces fit better and more accurate, but they will also provide long-lasting support to your creations. Working with wood dowels is great to have a quick and reliable woodworking experience. 


Take time to plan your project. Take time to buy the right tools and equipment. And lastly, take time to look for the perfect wooden dowel fit.


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